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What does Crickett Insurance do?
Crickett Insurance's focused mission is to "listen", "analyze" and "develop" balanced employee benefit plans. This could include voluntary supplement insurance plans, group Medicare strategies, group life insurance solutions and wellness programs. Private or public companies, as well as municipalities and union organizations at all levels could benefit from these programs.

How we do it?
We're constantly evaluating worksite solutions and developing long term strategic partnerships that support various clientele through outstanding support and services.

Why we do it?
An employee's health is the foundation of a company's well-being. A happy and healthy employee builds a strong and profitable foundation for the employer. Balanced employee voluntary supplemental insurance plans, strategic Medicare plans, life insurance solutions with executed wellness programs is a successful formula for developing a growth driven and profitable company.

Allow Crickett Insurance to be your trusted advisors for worksite solutions, group Medicare plans, Life insurance solutions and Wellness programs. Our choices are focused, balanced and proven.

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