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A Story Worth Telling .....

Crickett is a family owned business, in business over 23 years. We are well respected, and lead with integrity first and follow up with outstanding service to our customers! The name came from a daughter based on the cricket representing Good Health and Good Fortune. The second "t" was added to distinguish it from other companies. 

In 1993, Crickett Corporation was started to provide Information Technology (IT) educational services for small to medium businesses. This was during the early stages of the Internet with personal computers as desktops and businesses needed to be trained.

With technology changing, Crickett Technology Partners was formed in 1999 to market, install and support medium businesses for "Disaster Recovery" solutions. We sold and supported all brands of SAN (Storage Area Networks) devices, with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) agreement with GE (General Electric). We sold EMC, Hitachi and IBM solutions to medium size businesses.

Continuing to evolve, in February of 2002, another daughter introduced AFLAC supplemental insurance and Crickett Insurance was started.

The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) initiated in March of 2010,created an opportunity in January 2013 for Crickett Associates. Crickett Associate was formed to provide Disability Advocacy Service for employees and Medicare Coordination services for medium size employers. For more detail on Crickett Associates please visit their website at www.CrickettAssociates.com.

Since its inception in 1993 Crickett Corporation has continued to meet the needs of individuals, companies, and adjust to their ever changing needs.

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