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The COBRA rider is added to a select (Short-Term Disability) policy.

The cost of the rider is determined by Industry Code dependent on the person's profession.

The COBRA rider was designed for those policies that have a 2 year disability benefit period with minimum benefit amount of $400 per month or larger.

In order to use the COBRA rider, you must be terminated from your employer due to a disability.

You must supply the insurance company with your termination notification of employment and insurance, as well as your acceptance letter to the COBRA Health Administrator.

This is a reimbursement program. The insured pays the premium, submits a receipt from the COBRA Health Administrator and the insurance company will reimburse that amount up to the COBRA, benefit amount the insured elected at the time of application.

It's up to the employer's policy as to how long they wait until they terminate the employee and their insurance. Some employers terminate the employee after 90 days and others after 6 months.

Cobra Rider begins after termination and once accepted will last until the COBRA, policy expires, which typically is 2 years.

NOTE: This benefit will pay the COBRA for 2 years and expires along with the 2 year benefit policy.

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