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Crickett Insurance establishes "Strategic Partnerships" with industry leading service companies. We review and examine the service company's capabilities and track record. After a comprehensive analysis of the service vendor capabilities and track record we contract, engage and integrate the service company with Crickett Associates.

Once Crickett Insurance, Crickett Associates and the potential client have established a working relationship we share and review our Consulting Model approach. The Consulting Model executes best practices of listening, analyzing and developing a complete understanding of their current benefit packages, current vendor relationships and contracts. We then develop a comprehensive scope of work for the client and the employee/family infrastructure. Crickett Insurance, the strategic partner and the client negotiate an affordable rate that identifies and outlines the deliverables, implementation timetables with on-going measurable systems that support the worksite solutions.

Consulting Model
• Health care benefits program development and management overview
• Absence, disability and leave management
• Elective benefits
• Actuarial, Compliance
• Pharmacy, Clinical/Health management
• Coalition purchasing group
• Special risk and Claim audits

Planning and Strategies
• Comprehensive strategic planning session
• Wellness cultural readiness assessment
• Root causes and avoidable claims cost analysis
• Employee and executive data gathering
• Health risk or diabetes risk studies
• Networks discount and fee benchmarking
• Benchmarking, Provider quality analysis

Design and Pricing
• Vendor renewals/selecting RFP's and negotiation
• Benefit design and cost modeling
• Adverse selection/migration analysis
• Annual benefit budget creation/funding analysis and options
• Health improvement and productivity analysis
• Employee contribution development/impact analysis
• Incentive cost/benefit analysis (ROI)
• FAS 106 calculations
• Rx Compliance/PBM effectiveness
• Dependent eligibility audits

Execution and Delivery
• Communication strategy planning
• Vendor summit, Vendor integration
• Enrollment coordination
• Vendor/plan change implementation management
• Vendor contract/compliance review
• Retiree drug subsidy

Ongoing Measurement
• Vendor performance objectives and measures
• Annual 5500 form completion
• Nondiscrimination testing/oversight/pre-testing
• Data warehouse data optimization mining and reporting
• Performance reviews (claim and clinical audits)
• Ongoing experience monitoring and reporting
• Compliance review
• Disability and absence management

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